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Practicing Your Investor Pitch Ahead of the Big Meeting

Every entrepreneur knows how nerve-wracking delivering a pitch to investors can be. Whether you are seeking funding for a startup or an injection of cash to grow your existing business, you want to be sure your message is communicated effectively. That’s why we asked 13 successful entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following question:

What’s your best tip for practicing your pitch to investors ahead of the big meeting? Why is this important?

  • Research investors and their interests
    A cookie-cutter pitch is less work, but it’s also less effective. Find out who you’re pitching to, what they have invested in previously, their personality, and their values. Tailor your pitch to the audience. Keep it honest and authentic, but be strategic about the aspects of your business and plan you choose to emphasize. —Corey Northcutt, Northcutt Enterprise SEO

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  • Do mock presentations with family and friends

It is important to do mock presentations with family and friends to work out the kinks and improve your confidence. Encourage your family and friends to ask meaningful questions and not hold back on objections or criticism. Another tip is to continue to learn your product inside and out and know your industry, and that will build confidence in your knowledge around your particular product or service. —Kyle Michaud, Experience Expositions